Hello All,

This Beginning of the Year Seminar season has been one filled with success and ambassador ingenuity!

This season we had three official Beginning of the Year Seminars. Our largest seminar took place at Flex Tech High School (Novi), with 45 underclassmen in attendance. I have received tremendously positive feedback from this school, whose project based learning fits well with our High School 101 curriculum.

Some of our ambassadors found it difficult to implement actual seminars into their schools’ structures. Rather than giving up on the High School 101 program, these ambassadors decided to put the High School 101 curriculum into a flyer format, so that they could share their studying, organization, and confidence tips with posts around their schools. We had five ambassadors use this creative flyer format.

Congratulations to all of our hardworking ambassadors!

Looking Forward to Great Exam Prep Seminar Season,
Sophia Gawel
High School 101