Ambassador Program

Become a part of the High School 101 experience.

Why become an ambassador?

The Ambassador Program gives Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors the opportunity to bring High School 101 to their community. These students are able to teach a customized High School 101 curriculum to others at their school through pre-planned seminars. This allows them to help prepare younger students as best as possible for their specific situation. This is a great way for students to gain both business and public speaking experience. It is also a great addition to every resume/college application. Students have the option to charge for their seminars as well.

Anyone interested may apply to become an ambassador. Follow our 4 easy steps to join. Start by contacting us below. Make sure to include your Full name, GPA, reason for becoming an Ambassador, and School Name and Website.

4 easy steps to becoming an Ambassador:

1. Let us know you’re interested.

2. Provide your qualifications.

3. Go through our training program.

4. Gain approval and start teaching.


To apply to be an Ambassador please email us at [email protected] with the subject “Ambassador Interest.”