High School 101’s content is taught by experienced high school students. All of our teachers are currently in high school, still using the skills they are teaching.  This ensures that nothing you learn will be out of date and everything you learn will be useful.

Students who have learned High School 101’s curriculum say they are doing very well in their studies. All who have participated in the program say that they feel much more prepared for high school.

High School 101’s curriculum is highly regarded by many teachers, counselors, and school administrators. These faculty members understand the skill set necessary for high school success and see every aspect of it within our curriculum. High School 101 is currently being used in schools nationwide.

“I was really nervous before my first exams. I had no idea how to study and was scared I’d get bad grades. After going to a High School 101 seminar, I felt a lot less scared and I aced my exams.”

Audrey Rogers

Class of 2018

“Never before have I seen such a unique and valuable tool built and developed by students for students. I’m excited to see High School 101 grow and develop throughout the country.” Dr. Daniel Nerad

Superintendent, Birmingham Public Schools

“Learning how to study for final exams from a fellow student was exactly what my son needed to succeed. High School 101 provided both the tools and confidence that only a peer could provide.”

Kelly Victor


“High School 101 really helped me learn how to keep all my schoolwork organized. It’s great to finally know where everything is in my binders and nothing gets lost anymore.”

Ilan Elrom

Class of 2018

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